heart drought

from by maya kern



F#m A B E

I fell in love with a wounded man
he tried to hold my hand, he tried
I fell in love but he went away
he refused to stay with me
and now I, I am left
and now I'm second best
but I'm gonna try……
I refuse to hide
I am broken
but not for long
no not for long
no not for long
no not for long…..

I fell in love with a shaken man
but he couldn't hold my hand, no no
he left me straight when he left that day
and i never was the same again
i shed my skin

watch out before you fall out
before you fall away
before you fall away
watch out this is heart drought
there is no ocean sway
and all your world is gray
watch your back

i fell in love with a lonely man
but he wouldn't hold my hand, no he won't
i fell in love down from the sky above
and i soon learned agony's weight, pulling me down, pulling down

i fell in love with the enemy
you were never a friend to me
i fell in love with this cruel cruel guy
makes me wonder why
i ever loved to start with
was it love or was it just a misconception?
was it love, was it love?

i thought I loved a wounded guy
i thought i would make him mine
i thought my feelings were secure
but now I am so unsure
was it love or was it just some construct of what this world wants me to feel?


from friends, released December 26, 2011



all rights reserved


maya kern Minneapolis, Minnesota

comic artist / illustrator / musician based in minneapolis

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